The Boulou terminal.

The Bettembourg terminal.

Source: Lorry-Rail.
Video credits: Patrick Morissonneau.

The longest rolling highway in Europe links Boulou in the south of France with Bettembourg in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
The line has been operated by Lorry-Rail depuis le mois de septembre 2007. The line has been operated by Lorry Rail The Modalohr articulated wagon enabling the transport of unaccompanied semi-trailers (neither tractor unit nor driver) over more than 1000 km.

Each train, with its length of more than 700 m, has the capacity to transport 40 semi-trailers with a total gross weight of 1,800 tonnes. The transit time is 15 hours and this represents an advantage over road transport.

Lorry Rail also markets the service itself. International carriers from eight countries regularly use the line.

Since June 2009 Lorry Rail has been offering two daily return trips and the service is planned to double in the coming months.

To meet customer demand, Lorry Rail has also developed a service with three return trips a week for the transport of ITUs (swap bodies and containers) to extend its range.

The French government has provided the line with a subsidy of €30 million for work to upgrade the gauge, as well as the completion of the terminal at Boulou near Perpignan. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has subsidised the development of the Bettembourg terminal near Luxembourg.

Source: MEEDDM