The Channel Tunnel is operated by the Eurotunnel Group, a Franco-British company. Eurotunnel is the infrastructure concessionaire for a period of 99 years and is quoted on the stock markets in Paris, London and Brussels. The group’s history has been punctuated by financial restructurings. Eurotunnel made its first profits in 2007.

Main features of the link

  • Accompanied mode (the driver travels with the goods).
  • Length of the rail journey: 50 km between Folkestone (United Kingdom) and Coquelles (France), 37 of which are under the sea.
  • Journey time: 35 minutes (terminal to terminal).
  • Frequency: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
  • Rolling stock: 16 HGV shuttles (7 Breda-Fiat and 9 Arbel type shuttles).

Commercial drivers make the tunnel crossing in a special carriage. Each shuttle comprises a locomotive at each end, between which are interposed a first train with a loader/unloader wagon (or just an unloader) and 15 carrier wagons, in the middle a central loader/unloader and finally a second train with another 15 carrier wagons and a loader/unloader (or just a loader). The total length of the trains is 745 m.


Traffic for the rolling highway reached 1.25 million vehicles in 2008, all accompanied. The punctuality achieved was 99%.