Rolling highways have, up until now, mostly been developed around the Alpine massif.

Source: MEEDDM.

  • The « rolling roads »
  • Freight shuttles through the Channel Tunnel since May 1994.
  • The « Autoroute Ferroviaire Alpine » (Alpine rolling highway) for crossing the Alps, in service between Aiton (FR) and Orbassano (IT) since November 2003 as a technical and commercial experiment testing, among other things, the feasibility and reliability of the concept, running until 2009. In addition, the civil engineering and track modification work has not been completed (height is limited to 3.8 m). The official opening is planned for the first half of 2011.
  • Operated by Lorry Rail, the Perpignan-Luxembourg rolling highway, was inaugurated in March 2007 and opened for business and carried its first train on 10 September 2007.

In the short/medium term there is another project planned in France:

  • A service is being studied that will run along the Atlantic corridor between the Paris area and Vitoria in Spain via Bordeaux. On completion it would provide a link between Vitoria and the north of France and could include other stops along the way.