This technique uses an ordinary flat rail wagon and a road vehicle equipped with the Polyrail system. The truck is positioned alongside the wagon leaving a gap of only two or three centimetres between the two. A flat truck is used, equipped with a transhipper (a sort of pusher with hydraulic rams) which lifts the container slightly and slides it from the truck on to the rail wagon. Conversely, the transhipper is able to take the container from a wagon and transfer it on to the truck.

The maximum tonnage per container is 24 tonnes net load (up to 44 tonnes GVWR). Within a dedicated industrial site the maximum tonnage for Polyrail may be increased to 30 tonnes (R12 mod). Containers used for Polyrail are 20 and 30′ containers.

The average transhipment time for a container is 8 minutes using Polyrail.

Some user references: the local authorities of the Dunkirk, Marseille and Lille agglomerations for the removal of household and industrial waste.