Depending on the size of the terminal and the modal mix served, inland terminal equipment varies from one site to another. We should mention the big intermodal gantry cranes (Wide Span Gantry or WSG) used in waterway terminals above a certain size, which can provide handling for inland waterway container carriers, management of the container stack and the loading/unloading of swap bodies, trains and road vehicles.

A Wide Span Gantry crane.

Photo source: Gottwald Port Technology.

This type of gantry in the Paris Terminal at Gennevilliers, is more traditional. The rail tracks on which the gantry rests are clearly visible in this photograph.

This photograph was taken from the gantry itself which is situated on the wharf. Three vessels are waiting to be unloaded.

At smaller inland water terminals with more modest traffic flows, it is possible to use:

  • Mobile port cranes.
  • « Negative reach » reach stackers designed to lower their load below the level of the wharf without tipping over.

Above can be seen a spreader used to transfer containers from inland waterway vessels to the wharf and vice versa. There are also 20′ containers on the quay.