Development of intermodal logistics centres and services grants

Type of subsidy Financial subsidies programs on investments
Restriction exemption no
Other types of subsidy no
Type of actions granted Intermodal terminal development (real estate, equipment, HR-development, marketing)
Amount awarded
(or saved in case of tax exemption)
max. 3 million €/project, max. 50% of investment
Other relevant information These grants are part of the Economic Competitiveness Operational Programme ECOP
Type of subsidy Rail
Inland Water Ways
Type of goods subsidised all
Origins / Destinations subsidised place of investment
Operators subsidised Terminal investors whatever their profile
Duration validity of the scheme 2008-2013
Total amount available for the scheme 45,6 million € in 2007-2008


National Development Agency, Economic Competitiveness Programmes Managing Authority and Central Hungary Managing Authority [Public agency]
56. Pozsonyi ut
H-1133 Budapest